Three Sisters

The Fox Valley has a number of “institution” restaurants, unique establishments with enough Wisconsin spin to associate them with the area. Three Sisters (formerly Julie’s Breakfast Club) of Menasha is one such restaurant. I don’t know if they serve anything but breakfast, and frankly it seems irrelevant to ask. Three Sisters is all about pancakes. Or more appropriately, pancake. The word pancake at Three Sisters must be pronounced as an iamb to express the restaurant’s priorities properly because these dense, sweet pancakes have more in common with a three-tiered wedding cake than a Hungry Jack flapjack. On the menu, one pancake the size of a very large pizza and twice as thick earns the label “adolescent.” It will feed a half dozen, and is sure to eradicate any memory of stale, chewy pancakes baking under hot lights in steam trays at Downer. In fact, you will probably have enough left over that you won’t need to eat breakfast at Downer for some time.

Three Sisters is a breakfast destination, but pancakes are good for lunch and dinner too, and they also serve terrifyingly large sausage patties, bacon, waffles, and potato pancakes. But get a pancake. And bring friends.

While Three Sisters sports a Menasha address, it’s really no farther than the mall (Midway is just off of Oneida south of Calumet and on the way to UW Fox Valley). It’s worth the trip.

Walking distance—NO
Address—1304 Midway, Menasha