Lawrence Intramural Volleyball Nears Playoffs SE -mts

Jon Mays

After an off week due to the Girl Talk concert, the Lawrence intramural volleyball season is back on track and in full force. The 16-team field returned to action this week, and several teams stood out and continued their dominance of the regular season.
Two teams have yet to be tested thus far in the season, 4 Play, and LU Men’s Volleyball Team. Neither team has even lost a set this season, let alone a match. One team must break, however, in the final week of the season as the two frontrunners face-off.
It seems to be the match-up that everyone is talking about, but LUMVBT wants to take this season one game at a time. Yui Ueno, a member of LUMVBT, said “We just want to continue winning and continue getting better. We have had some good games, but there is room for improvement. That’s what we do in practice; we get better for when it counts.”
4 Play has been taking a different approach to the big game. As Doug Kadison put it, “We won’t allow them to get a point. There is no way that they will beat us. We cancelled our practices because they were cutting into our time to party, but it doesn’t matter, we will win.”
That sounds like a pretty big guarantee coming from arguably the worst player on the team, but team captain Jayce Apelgren backed up his outspoken teammate, stating, “We have all the confidence in the world that we can beat this team.”
LUMVBT member Tristan Lipe simply said, “Let them talk, we will work on our game.”
LUMVBT’s spike leader, David Bremner, was not available for comment.
All of this jabbing back and forth sets up a great back-story for what should be an even better game. Before the highly anticipated match, both teams must play one more game. LUMVBT takes on Notorious D.I.G., and 4 Play battles Delt in what should be good tests before the big game.
The winner of LUMVBT versus 4 Play will likely be the No. 1 overall seed for the playoffs the following week. Advantages of the coveted No. 1 seed include home-court advantage throughout the playoffs and the choice of jersey color.
4 Play has been much shakier on the road, so they would benefit most from the better seed. Tickets go on sale next Wednesday at the box office and are $10 a piece. They are expected to go quickly due to limited space, so get in line early to ensure your spot at this epic battle.