What’s true about the Brewers?

Matt Hoh

1. The Brewers were originally from Seattle.
2. The Brewers played in Brewer Park before 2003, when Miller Park was built.
3. Rickie Weeks holds the record for the most hits by a pitch.
4. Jim Slaton holds the record for most wins by a Brewer with 117.
5. The Largest winning margin the Brewers have is 20.
1. True: The Brewers were the “Seattle Pilots” until 1970 when Allan “Bud” Selig and Edmund Fitzgerald purchased the team and brought it to Milwaukee.
2. False: The Brewers played in County Stadium, which was built before Milwaukee even had a major league baseball team. The Brewers played there from 1970-2000.
3. False: Rickie Weeks is second, with 62 in Brewers history. Geoff Jenkins has been hit 95 times.
4. True: Slaton does hold the record, 117-121. In second place, with 22 games above .500, Mike Caldwell has a record of 102-80.
5. True: They won by 20 back in 1992 when they crushed the Toronto Bluejays at Toronto.