Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Ben Hartman
Men’s TrackWhat is your favorite event? Why?
My favorite event is probably the 4×100 meter relay. I’m a very team-oriented type of person, so since three of my teammates directly count on me to get the job done as anchor in the relay, the event means a lot more because I’m running for more than just myself, which forces me to naturally run faster than any of my open events.

Describe your favorite pair of spikes that you either own or have owned in the past. Why were they your
My favorite spikes were/are definitely my silver/black Nike’s. They fit well, look awesome, and I’ve never run faster in any other pair of shoes.

What is the best “carb-up” meal before a meet?
My best “carb-up” meal is definitely a 6-layer meat sandwich with cheese and lettuce. I like carbs, but I’m definitely more of a protein guy.

What has been your biggest personal accomplishment
this season?
My biggest accomplishment this season was probably when I ran a season best 11.31 in the 100-meter dash finals at Oshkosh.

How do you mentally prepare for a race?
I mentally prepare for a race by listening to some “pump-up” tunes while shoving and jumping over teammates that I’m warming up with. It may be track season, but I’m a football player at heart.

Annie Sullivan
Women’s Track
What has been the team’s biggest accomplishment this season?
Our women’s team did an outstanding job at indoor conference this year. We had eight women competing, which means we were a lot smaller than the other teams, but still moved up from seventh place last year to fifth this year, and just a half a point away from fourth.

Who is your favorite professional track athlete?
Shalane Flanagan won the bronze medal in the 10k in Beijing last summer, and she is the second American woman to win an Olympic medal in the 10k. She’s a smart racer and an incredible athlete all around.

What is your favorite thing to wear while running? Is there a certain type of apparel you like to wear?
I like to wear my race shorts from high school. They remind me of my old cross-country team and of all the reasons why I love to run.

What is the best thing to quench your thirst after a race?
Just water, I’ve never really been a fan of sports drinks.

If you could participate in any event that you do not already participate in, what would it be and why?
I would want to run the 4x400m relay because it’s at the end of the meet and everyone goes out onto the track to watch and support the runners. It’d be fun to have so many people cheering for you.