Frank’s Pizza Palace

Rachel Hoerman

Open until the wee hours of the morning, and within walking distance of the Lawrence campus, Frank’s Pizza Palace offers a good pie for a fair price. With a charming/cheesy ambiance, enthusiastic help, and a bar where you can simultaneously get a good drink and watch the crust of your choice be hand-tossed before your very eyes, Frank’s is a laid-back kind of place where you can catch some local flavor and a bite to eat.

Frank’s menu features your standard assortment of pie toppings and a decent crust selection as well, and an interesting dessert menu that features something akin to a sweet chocolate-filled frozen egg roll served with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream. Thus you’ll walk there for the pizza, but you’ll stay for the dessert.

Their service is fast and somewhat peppy, their dining area is clean and usually crowded, and their walls are curiously muraled with artwork that might remind one of traditional Spanish and Italian village art—if one were inclined to be so reminded.

All in all, Frank’s Pizza Palace offers a colorful evening out that won’t leave you broke or hungry.

Walking distance—YES
Address—815 W. College Ave.