George’s Steakhouse

Cameron Kramlich

Back before McDonald’s and Taco Bell littered frontage roads from coast to coast, weary travelers stopped for dinner at roadhouses. Typically, these featured a menu and ambiance that matched local tastes. Time, unfortunately, has not been kind to these establishments. Although a precious few remain, the opportunity to sample good old American food is reassuring in tumultuous times. George’s Steak House comfortably fits into this epicurean genre. With an antique piano bar greeting diners upon entrance and wood paneled walls, the diner feels escorted to a carefree bygone era.

Entering the restaurant, the diner first leaves outerwear at the coat check. Arriving inside, diners are escorted to their tables by the hostess. Even the servers at this establishment exude a certain aura of class.

Diners tightly packed into a romantically dark room, cheerful conversation quickly fills the air. The waitress, already knowing our order, asks what type of appetizers we would like. With hometown hospitality, she offers an invitation to try the snack bar before our meal is served. Swiftly enjoying our conversation, the first course arrives before we are able to finish the assorted pickles and crackers from the snack bar.

A crisp salad and then a piping hot French onion soup were served before the main course. Consistently, the duck arrives soft and neither too dry nor too fatty. Sitting on a bed of wild rice and accompanied by tart orange sauce and cranberries, the only foreseeable problem with this meal is arriving without a sufficiently large appetite.

Barely able to move after such a large meal, we somehow manage to waddle over to the cashier. After being handed the receipt, I had thought that my dinner mate split the check. Upon closer inspection, the bill was not finagled in any shape or form. Our fabulous dinner was priced at a very modest $12.50 per person.

As one of the highest quality meals available in town, it is also one of the best values. If you want the best dinner in town, make a reservation several days in advance at George’s Steakhouse.

Walking distance—NO
Address—2208 S. Memorial Dr.