What’s on Your iPod?

1. “As Betas Now We Meet,” Beta Theta Pi
Beta is known nationally as the singing fraternity, so when we activate we give out on a CD that have been performed by certain chapter.2. “Lowell, MA,” Death Cab for Cutie
They’re just really chill, for when you’re in one of those moods and just want to be by yourself. It’s always good to listen to a little Death Cab.

3. “Why Georgia,” John Mayer
Arguably one of the greatest guitar players of our time. He’s just my favorite. If John Mayer songs were the only songs ever written, I’d be all right with that. I’d have his babies.

4. “The Last Time Again,” Lit
My friends have turned me on to most of my music; they recommended it to me, and they were right. I like it.

5. “The Politics of Emotion,” Lost Prophets
You’ve got to have a little rock in you, a little relaxed hate.

6. “One Shot 2 Shot,” Eminem
He’s just a genius. He’s so misunderstood. He’s raunchy, too, and it’s just hilarious. His songs seem so shallow, but if you listen to the lyrics, they hit on so many deeper levels.

7. “Daydreaming,” Lupe Fiasco
His flow is ridiculous. How he says every verse is just great. He’s more the chill rapper, without the ho’s and the booze and all the drugs. He’s just better.

8. “Savior,” 30 Seconds To Mars
They’re a good recording band, not as good live. There’re not a lot of good actors who can also sing, so I think it’s good that he can do both. I think of “Fight Club” every time I hear 30 Seconds To Mars.

9. “Always & Never,” Coheed & Cambria
I heard their song on “Rock Band.” It’s really good and I love playing it, so I just had to listen to their music.

10. “Explosivo,” Tenacious D
Jack Black. Hilarious. Their work is so clever, and Kyle Gaas gets put in the background, but Kyle’s guitar riffs are amazing. He’s so talented. If you don’t like the D … with karate I’ll kick your ass, from here to Tiananmen Square.

11. “Good Thing,” Reel Big Fish
I went to Big Event to see Reel Big Fish. I left after the 10-minute baseline of Girl Talk. They were not even nearly as good.