What’s true about the Packers?

Matt Hoh

1. Founded on August 11, 1919 by Earl “Curly” Lambeau, the Packers were known as the Indian Packers.
2. Brett Favre holds the record for most passing yards in a season with 4,458 yards.
3. The first person to run for more than 8,000 career rushing yards was a fullback.
4. In the first NFL draft held in Feburary of 1936, the Packers first selection was Don Hutson.
5. Vince Lombardi coached the Packers for the longest span of time.1. True: The name was created after the original sponsor of the Packers the Indian Packing Company. The name changed in 1921, to the Acme Packers, as the team joined the NFL and the Indian Packing Company was bought by Acme Packing Company. However, neither name lasted long and the team became known as the Green Bay Packers.
2. False: The player that holds the record is Lynn Dickey. He set the record in 1983.
3. True: Jim Taylor, a fullback and NFL hall of famer, was the first Packer to accomplish this feat. He did it in nine seasons and had 81 touchdowns. His best year was 1962, when he finished with 1,474 and was the NFL player of the year.
4. False: The packers selected Russ Letlow, a guard from the University of San Francisco.
5. False: Earl “Curly” Lambeau was one of the founders of the team and coached for 30 years, in which he complied a record of 212-106-21. Under his command, the Packers won an impressive six championships. He is known for making the forward pass an integral part of the offensive game plan.