What’s True About the Kentucky Derby?

Matt Hoh

1. The favorite in the Kentucky Derby wins 50 percent of the time.
2. In the last 25 years, the favorite has won 10 times.
3. The odds that the derby champion horse is from the state of Kentucky are 5:1.
4. There has only been one derby winner to be disqualified, and this happened occur when Richard Nixon was in attendance.
5. There have been 15 jockeys who have only raced once in the derby and won it.
1. F. The race has been held 130 times, and 50 of the favorites have won (38 percent).
2. F. Only two favorites have won in the last 25 years, which only makes eight percent. However, from 1875 to 1979, the crowd-picked favorite won 48 out of 105 races.
3. F. The odds are actually 1.3:1. There have been 97 winners from Kentucky.
4. T. There has only been one disqualification, for using illegal medication. This was in 1968 when Nixon was attending as he was running for office.
5. T. There have been 15 winners who entered only once and won, and William ‘Smokey’ Sanders entered only twice but won both