In Other News…

TENNESSEE – Paul House, a death row inmate, was cleared of murder charges after 22 years on death row. In 1986, House, a paroled sex offender, was convicted of the 1985 beating and murder of Carolyn Muncey. DNA evidence discovered at House’s 2006 re-trial helped judges dismiss the charges.
-www.cnn.comGERMANY and BOSTON – Researchers have discovered that antioxidants such as vitamins C and E may diminish the benefit of exercise in preventing diabetes and other diseases. The vitamins destroy reactive oxygen species, which are one of the byproducts of heavy energy use during exercise. Other researchers disagree with the findings, arguing that antioxidants benefit health by reducing oxidative stress.

EUREKA, Canadian Arctic- The 10-week long Catlin Arctic Survey has ended, and will provide scientific research about the thickness of the ice in the Arctic. The research will assist the study of the impacts of global warming in the region..