The power of love

Erik Wyse

To some, love is a four-letter word for a business transaction. To others, love is an all-you-can-eat buffet. I don’t have any money and I’m not hungry right now, so I will not be talking about either of these types of love. For those who differ, please feel free to put down this newspaper in favor of the city pages or the Old Country Buffet menu, both of which have merit in their own right.
Father Winter has descended on Lawrence and provided cold and snow. One could despair or attempt to run. To those I say: forget it – Mexico is farther away than you think. Better perhaps to brave the winter season and accept it and even come to appreciate its unique beauty.
Yes, it is true that Professor Chaney has used his vast power to once again disapparate to warmer climates, but most of us do not have the mind control of a great wizard. There truly is no escape.
The real conflict and discomfort lies in the desire to escape the present situation. Keeping this in mind, I want to discuss a few ways to better acclimate to the weather – to become the frozen icicle on the roof, the unique snowflake that dances gracefully in the air or the Klondike bar that rests in the frozen food section.
Building snow forts need not end at the conclusion of childhood. A snow fort can be an inner sanctum of humor, love and military defense. Throwing reserves of snowballs oddly creates a feeling of security – better yet, of fearlessness.
The heart of the warrior never freezes. Each winter I have numerous dreams where I hunt mastodons and mammoths on frozen tundra, donning nothing but wild hair and hard cloth shaped by experience. It must be my nature, my ancestors calling to me to regain something of my past. These dreams are not just mine; they are everyone’s.
When I speak of love it is a total love, even loving the frigid winter weather. I believe it was Thoreau who once said, “I am transfixed by the snow, my hands are transformed into cold frigid digits. I lose myself in its splendor, I am the icicle.” Then again, I may have just made that up. Who can you trust? My brain is slightly numb, I’ve been drinking nothing but melted candy-canes for days and I’m in no position to argue.
Whether it’s the sugar, the cold or peace of mind, I’ve reached bliss. Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss” and I encourage you to do so. That may mean having two quotes in the same paragraph or perhaps jumping into the snow like you’re dodging a grenade.
Bliss comes in many forms, and you don’t always have to pay for it! Bliss may find you, and it may look like a delicious sandwich at two in the morning.
You know how I said I wasn’t going to talk about food? Well I lied. It might be that my perfect match is a sandwich. I think I’m going to start a website that matches singles up with sandwiches they will love.
In this case I would say eat your bliss, eat it up. Maybe spread some chipotle southwest sauce on your bliss.
Winter is what you make of it. Love it, hate it – you decide – though I’m not sure hate will keep you warm enough.