Letter to the Editor 2 (also please don’t edit yet –pm)

Two things I read this last Saturday deeply upset me: an Associated Press article detailing the political aftermath of the Arizona shootings, and Erik Wyse’s most recent article in the Lawrentian.Here’s the thing, politicians are treating the shooting the same way Lawrence’s own Erik treated the ORC floor collapse- They have turned an unfortunate event into a way to boast that their moral beliefs are superior to an evil and ignorant force. Let’s compare two quotes. First, the Tea Party Express’s released statement on the Jan. 8 shooter, which said the shooter’s behavior was “consistent with Blame America First Liberals.” Then our own Erik demonized the innocent administration: “Today is a day that will live in infamy-or until Jill Beck secretly removes it from the annals of history.”

I live on campus in a small house much like ORC’s, so I am also exposed to the problems of the old houses. The heating never quite works right and the stairs sag under the weight of whoever’s on it. However, I never go into a room with 30 other people and jump up and down on the century old floorboards. Which leads me to ask the following question: was it really that good of an idea to jump when the floor started to sag?

Living in the small group formal houses has its drawbacks, but we live with them because they are a wonderful opportunity. The tight-knit community the small houses experience is one of the most rewarding opportunities the campus offers. However, we live with the knowledge that we can also destroy our gift. Slight mistakes often become the costliest. We have access to ovens and experience a certain level of seclusion that the campus dorms cannot offer. This respect given to us by the campus comes at the cost of our responsibility, a responsibility that ORC did not follow through on.

ORC, next time something happens to your floor or your heat cuts out, please don’t make it a point to preach your superiority. I assure it is strictly internalized and comes across as pretentious.

—Ethan Landes