El Mexicano hambriento

Mexican Restaurants
From Best to Worst
Los Compadres
705 Appleton Rd
Menasha, WI
3825 East Calumet
Appleton, WI

Los Compadres promises “the best margaritas in town” and to a fair degree, they deliver. What Los Compadres especially excels in is their cooking, and they seal the bargain with an exquisite salsa recipe. There is an addictive quality to their cooking that is borderline suspicious. The only possible improvement could be a more prompt delivery of their chips and salsa, as one usually eats those more quickly than the servers there can replenish them. If one is willing to drive six minutes from campus for Mexican food, there is no other choice.

Se¤or Tequila
531 W. College Ave
Appleton, WI
Unlike Los Compadres, Se¤or Tequila was not stingy with the chips or salsa. There was one person whose job it was to refill these staples and he was very prompt. The salsa at Los Compadres is preferable, but that did not stop me from eating every last bit offered to me at Se¤or Tequila. Unfortunately, Se¤or Tequila leaves something to be desired with regard to the speed at which the food is delivered. This may be attributed to the fact that it is a relatively new operation. These minor problems are more than made up for by the fact that Se¤or Tequila is located within walking distance of campus, and offers excellent food at a reasonable price.

Casa Mexico
107 W College Ave * 4001 W Spencer St
Appleton, WI
Taco Bell

Casa Mexico is yet another Mexican restaurant that surfaced during their recent proliferation in the Appleton area. They make claims to being “authentic” although that is almost certainly untrue. The food, however, is pretty decent and it is also the closest on the list to campus. If your standards aren’t too high and you don’t feel like walking far, Casa Mexico is almost certain to please.

El Azteca
N474 Eisenhower Dr * 201 W Northland Ave
Appleton, WI

If you’re looking for a sit-down Mexican restaurant, this probably isn’t the place to go. The food is decent, but by no means extraordinary and the prices are similar to the aforementioned restaurants. The chips and salsa are nothing special, and the dcor is gaudy at best. Service is also average. The bottom line is that nothing about this place compelled me to want to go back. Check out the previous listings instead.

Taco Bell
3221 Express Ct * 2810 N Richmond St * 2840 W College Ave * 301 W Wisconsin Ave
Appleton, WI

Arguably better than starving to death, Taco Bell made our list solely for the reason that it’s open late and that it’s fast. Everyone knows this place so there isn’t much need to delve into specifics. Grade F meat for rock-bottom prices. What more could one ask for in an eating establishment?