Athletes of the week

Alyssa Onan

(Lawrence University)

Evan Johnson: Hockey
If you could put anyone else on your team who doesn’t play goalie normally in the goal, who would it be and why?

I would put Bellotti in net because he always hits me in the collarbone and head in practice and I would like to get him back for once.
What are your personal and team goals for the rest of your senior season? How do you plan on accomplishing them?
Our team goals are to get better each day as we make our way towards an MCHA championship and an NCAA title run. My personal goals are to help the team achieve this by playing my best each day.
If you could go 1v1 against any famous player, who would it be and why?
I would definitely want to go against Sidney Crosby just to see how I match up against him.
What’s your favorite pre-game playlist like?
“Crowley’s Pregame Playlist.” It’s basically a lot of pump-up and techno.
What’s your favorite sport besides hockey to watch and why?
Hockey is really the only sport I enjoy watching.Nakita Chadwick: Women’s Basketball
If you could play another sport at Lawrence, what would it be and why?

If I could play any other sport at LU, it would be volleyball, because I played in high school and really enjoyed it.
How old were you when you started playing basketball and what got you started?
I started playing basketball in kindergarten in a youth league because I was really tall for my age and my mom put me in the league. The rest is history.
What is your favorite Lawrence basketball memory so far?
My favorite LU basketball memory so far would have to be this year’s trip up to Bjorklunden with the team. It was nice and relaxing and really the first time that we all got to know each other since we have so many new girls on the team.
What’s your favorite post-game meal?
My favorite post-game meal is chicken wings, but we always have to eat pizza or McDonald’s on our road trips. I’m not a big fan of greasy food.
How have the new freshmen contributed to the team this year?
The freshmen have all had to step into a major playing role this year, and despite going through some difficult games this year, they have refused to give up. They are a great foundation for the program in the future, and even though it has been a rocky start, they have a lot of potential.

(Lawrence University)