In other news…

Muhammad, the sniper who
killed 10 people in fall 2002, was
executed Tuesday night in the
Greensville Correctional Center
in Virginia. During three weeks
in October 2002, Muhammad
and his 17-year-old accomplice,
Lee B. Malvo, randomly shot 10
people in Maryland, Virginia and
Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson,
a Democrat, said he will not
support any health care bill that
does not include stringent abortion
restrictions approved by
the House. The House’s health
care bill prohibits governmentrun
and government-subsidized
private plans to cover abortion
costs. Other senators plan to
fight against the bill, saying that
the bill limits no other procedures
and singles out women.
BURBANK, Calif. – Last week
Disney announced plans to
build a theme park in Shanghai
with the permission of Chinese
authorities. The project would
include a Magic Kingdom-style
theme park with characteristics
tailored to the Shanghai region.
Disney already has two theme
parks in the area, in Hong Kong
and Tokyo.