Dining for Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

With Fall Visiting Days coming and your attention-deprived parents just counting down the days till they can take you out to dinner, we decided to start our new Restaurant Best List with the Best “Have Your Family Take You To” Restaurant list. These choices, based on student favorites, price lists, environment, and quantity of leftovers are sure to create some fond memories for the months of Downer meals ahead.

And what the heck, since the parents are here you might as well go all out.

201 W. Northland Ave.

Authentic Korean food along with a full sushi bar may evoke certain images. Yet Koreana’s energetic approach to dining adds a completely different flair to the experience.

The larger dining area along with simplified Asian decor makes it a great place to visit with family while exploring your taste palate.

Also, both cuisines offer some tasty vegetarian options.

The cost starts at about $10 and can get higher, but you will leave full of some unique fare.

Vince Lombardi’s Steakhouse
333 W. College Ave. (In the Paper Valley Hotel)

Lombardi’s: A restaurant for the true Wisconsinite, or rather a person who enjoys quality steaks and large amounts of football memorabilia.

With over 500 pieces of Vince Lombardi memorabilia and some of the best steaks in the area, Lombardi’s can be quite an experience. But you may want to have Dad pick up the tab since costs can run pretty high.

Plates start around $16 and get steeper. But where else can you find football-style elegance? Reservations are suggested.

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
253 W. Northland Ave.

If you love a good Indian curry served with warm naan bread in a dining area seeping with spicy exotic smells, then Sai Ram is your type of place.

Prices are fairly reasonable but can get higher if you are drawn to their exotic beer and wine.

Luckily you can offset the cost (and a bit of the quality) if you go for their lunch buffet. But go for the dinner if you are a true enthusiast. The difference in the quality is worth the cost.

The Seasons,
An American Bistro
213 S. Nicolet Rd.

This fine-dining experience is wonderful for those students whose parents have really missed the expense of feeding them. They can make up for the loss all in one stop.

At $16 and up per plate for the more basic fare, it can be overwhelming. Yet the food is truly noteworthy.

This is one of the best places to dine in Appleton and when you throw in the creative twists on old culinary favorites and live jazz on Fridays and Saturdays it is worth every penny your parents pay. Reservations suggested.

Victoria’s Italian Cuisine
503 W. College Ave.

This campus favorite offers quality pasta dishes large enough to supply you with at least one leftover meal. The costs could be considered high, but if you consider these portions as two meals (which even large hungry college kids do) the prices become suddenly reasonable.

The inevitable allure of pasta has made this one of the first restaurants recommended to students here at Lawrence, and the proximity to campus adds to the appeal during the cold winter months.