Athlete of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Finishing second in the Midwest Conference is a great feat. What can this success be attributed to? Was there a change in the team dynamic, coaching strategy or other aspect that helped the team in their success this season?
I think that our success this season is based on the fact that we all came together. Though we’ve been a close-knit group in the past, this year felt like everyone had their part. Whether it was a killer serve, a patient lob or a sweet cheer, we got things done as a team.What is your favorite aspect of tennis? What makes you love the sport?
I love tennis when it’s a game. Yes, it is fun to win and I get cranky when I lose, but the best thing about tennis is hitting around with a friend and getting a nice sock tan.

What has been your personal best accomplishment over the past four years?
Winning doubles with Emily [Dalton] at conference this year. It was a tough match, and the other team was probably better, but Emily and I held each other together. When we won the match, we both knew it was because we wanted to hit one more ball than they did.

What has been your favorite team moment over the past season? How about over the past four years?
Though I can’t think of one specific moment that is my favorite, I can say that there are specific moments with every person on the team that make me smile: thinking of Beth as Seabiscuit, the name KittyKat, Kevin dancing, Katie’s consistent response of “that’s what she said,” Hanah hitting an overhead, Rana and her spaghetti dolls, Rosie never saying nice things, Travis opening a fresh can of balls, Tara not being able to say goodbye only once, Emily’s happy hour, Dan referring to himself and Travis as Tran, Gretta only singing “damn,” and Elizabeth’s parents hearing her called Easy. It is these details and moments that I like to remember.

If you could participate in one tennis tournament anywhere in the world, which one would it be and why?
Probably some lame tournament in Bellingham, Wash. where my parents could see me play.