Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Jess Vogt

In the middle of this lovely fall we’re having, Halloween is fast approaching. In fact, it’s today, as you read this! Still don’t know how you’re going to dress for that costume party tonight? Or maybe you’re just searching for a low budget Halloween costume — or an extremely low budget costume. What about something that costs no more than a couple bucks and isn’t just one of those plastic masks that end up in the landfill after one use? Read on for top eight “green” costume ideas.8. For the beginner: the pile of leaves. The sustainable Halloween costume for those earthy folks. Just take some of the thousands of leaves lying discarded on Main Hall green and tape them to some fall-colored clothing, and you are part of the beautiful fall foliage.

7. The tree. If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, you can upgrade from a pile of leaves to a tree by finding a bunch of sticks and taping these to your pants, and the leaves to your shirt.

6. The Roman. Yup. Exactly what it sounds like: wear a sheet as a toga. Classic — even if not classy — and utterly cliché, but totally sustainable. Feel like something’s missing? Get few branches and some leaves and make yourself a headdress. Other bedsheet costumes include the other classic, The Ghost, or The Morning After (wrap yourself in only a bedsheet).

5. The Middle Class Snob. You know those old guys on your block who go out to get the morning paper wearing just a bathrobe? Just wear your bathrobe and some high white socks, and carry around a newspaper and a cup of coffee. If you’re feeling slightly more bourgeoisie, add a pipe and make the socks argyle.

4. The Roommate. One of the most effortless of your sustainable Halloween costume options. Just grab some of his clothes from your roommate’s side of the closet, and you’re set. You can even be a pair if you also have your roommate dress like you.

3. The Static Cling: Dress in a solid color and pin random things you find to yourself (e.g. socks, underwear, dryer sheets, lint). Spray your hair straight up in the air to get the full effect. Variations include The Landfill (use wrappers, chip bags, and other garbage).

2. Nickelback: Take advantage of the beauty of puns. Tape a nickel to your back.

1. Only for the most advance and dedicated: The transformer. Many of you may have seen the YouTube video of the transformer costume made out of cardboard boxes. But little did you know that this is a sustainable Halloween costume. If you forgo all the paint (who has time and money for that anyway?), and use old boxes you find in the recycling bins, this costume is not only sustainable, but pretty freakin’ sweet!

Whatever costume you choose, remember to be good to your earth, and offer it to friend for next year. Have a green Halloween, and don’t forget to recycle your beverage containers!