Artist Series brings string quartet -rws -jcr -dlh

Reid Stratton

The St. Lawrence String Quartet is widely recognized for its performance of classical music despite the world’s general apathy toward the genre. It will be performing for the upcoming Artist Series concert at Lawrence University.
While comprised of the usual two violins, one viola, and cello, this ensemble is far from conventional in its performance. It takes a considerably stagnant field, and attempts to bring new life into the pieces and engage the most unsuspecting listener. The repertoire is never limited, however, as the quartet is also committed to contemporary works. On stage the members are unexpectedly informal and make classical music seem tangible, emotionally engaging, and approachable.
The quartet has performed in illustrious concert halls all over the United States, as well as countless esteemed stages in Europe. It has received highly acclaimed accolades, including Canada’s annual Juno award, presented by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, for the title of “Best Classical Album: Solo or Chamber Ensemble.”
Aside from performance, the quartet is dedicated to teaching music. The members reside in northern California and teach at Stanford University. But their instruction is not only towards music students on campus. They branch out, teaching students ranging from elementary school to amateur adults to spread the knowledge of music.
The reputation of the St. Lawrence String Quartet precedes it. Its performance at Lawrence University will undoubtedly be unconventional and enjoyable for students of all disciplines. The St. Lawrence String Quartet performs Saturday, January 22, at 8 p.m. in Memorial Chapel. Tickets are available at the Lawrence box office.