REVISED Staff Ed – Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood -dlh

William Dalsen

LUCC President Joel Rogers has had two terms to implement his agenda. Despite this, Rogers has done little as LUCC president, and his neglect of crucial committee appointments has brought the organization to its knees.
Rogers made many promises during his campaign for president. In an interview with ******The Lawrentian****** last year, Rogers said that he wanted to address parking, diversity on campus, and class sizes; that he wished to work with the Fox Valley Technical Institute in order to have sign language fulfill the foreign language requirement; that he wished to enhance the communication between the Conservatory and LUCC; and that he wished to expand the availability of internship programs and service requirements for graduation. Rogers also said (infamously) that he wanted to cut one convocation speaker in order to pay for new athletic equipment.
Rogers has not taken action on most of these issues. LUCC has not debated legislation on most of these issues, or even discussed how to implement his ideas. The shocking proposition to cut a convocation speaker was dismissed immediately as unrealistic and against the purpose of the university as an educational institution. In fairness, Rogers, as we have reported in this issue, spoke to President Beck regarding the unsafe athletic equipment in the Rec Center. Thanks to his and Vice-President Engineer’s initiative, as well as impressive fundraising by Beck, this concern appears to be alleviated.
While that is an important achievement, overshadowing this single success is the fact that Rogers has allowed LUCC to fall apart. Committees central to the operations of LUCC have not been staffed, and critical positions ********– most notably, the chair of the Polling, Elections, and Leadership Committee *******– have not been filled. If not for Assistant Dean of Residence Life Paul Shrode ********– who has constantly gone beyond the call of duty in order to keep LUCC running during Rogers’ tenure *********– the recent elections may not have happened.
The LUCC president has the power to set the council’s agenda, and as the chair of the Committee on Committees *********– which makes all of the LUCC appointments to student and faculty committee positions *********– the president is responsible for ensuring that committees are filled and that the organization works. If handled properly, these powers give the president the means to address student concerns quickly, efficiently, and effectively; if mishandled, as they have been during the Rogers’ administration, the organization quickly falls to pieces.
Rogers needs to take action immediately to remedy these problems. He must fill critical appointments and adopt a plan of action that will reinvigorate LUCC and make it capable of addressing student concerns. Students should not have to wait one more term for effective government.