Letter to the Editor -dlh

If we have nothing in our lives that we count worth dying for, we have nothing in our lives worth living for. I believe that, in Jesus, we are given something that makes us so alive, it is worth dying for. Because Christ gave me life, I will stand for him.
I believe that Jesus’ birth fulfilled the prophecy of the coming Messiah, and that his life provided for us a glimpse of God’s characteristics and a guide for our own lives. I believe that Jesus’ death was a sacrifice that paid humanity’s debt of sin to our just God, and that his resurrection is the answer to our hope that God will always be with us, both in this world and in heaven.
I believe that we are not, nor ever will be, measured by the goodness of our actions, and that the only measure that truly counts is that of God’s infinite love and grace. Through Jesus, God frees us from judgment and death and gives us life. Because of Jesus, death will never be the end. I believe that Jesus’ blood was not merely historical coincidence, but that through some mysterious workings of the Divine, Jesus bled for us, for you and for me. I believe that God asks us to respond to this truth with our lives, and that this response is not just a privilege, but a necessity. Only by placing our hope in the provision of Jesus do we know the reality of God. Only in Jesus are we truly alive.
I invite you, as God invites you, to believe.
-Ann Miller