Res. hall rep. elections approaching

Andy Dolan

Campaigning for 2003-2004 hall representatives to LUCC will officially begin Oct. 3, with elections to follow one week later on Oct. 10.Students interested in being on the ballot must speak with their respective residence hall directors as soon as possible.

According to LUCC president Jacques Hacquebord, the RHD will go over an election guide overview sheet with the candidate and answer any questions or concerns the student may have. The student will then be added to the ballot for that residence hall.

Hacquebord wished to “stress the importance of reading the [Lawrence] constitution,” located in the student handbook in the governance section, which covers pages 114-149. The student handbook is available online at

There will be a total of 14 hall representatives distributed as follows: two from Colman, Brokaw, and off-campus; two from Plantz, 122, 128, and 203 N. Union St.; two from Sage, 711, 738, 741, and 742 E. John St.; two from Trever, 813 E. John St. and 300 S. Meade St.; two from Kohler, 733 and 739 E. Alton St.; three from Ormsby and Hiett; and one from 206 and 218 S. Lawe St., 712 and 726 E. John St., and 711 E. Alton St.

Some of the duties of hall representatives include attending LUCC general council meetings, attending hall governance meetings, serving on at least one LUCC standing committee besides the PEL committee, and serving in an advisory capacity to members of university administration upon request.

Hacquebord says he is “looking forward to having educated candidates” this year and he urges candidates of any class standing to become involved if they are dedicated to active participation in student government.

He noted that last year the off-campus representative ran unopposed, whereas Trever had to hold multiple elections before a single candidate was able to obtain the necessary 51 percent of votes.

Those choosing to run must adhere to certain guidelines during their campaign. Those include a campaign budget of $15 and a ban on placing campaign signs in Downer and campus computer labs. Also, no campaign material may be distributed before Oct. 3.