Letter to the Editor: Endorsement of Nicholas Paulson

Jake Woodford

Since 1968, the Lawrence University Community Council has served the community as a means for expression, and as a source of influence on the administration and social atmosphere of the institution. Each year around this time, we elect a new president to carry out the functions of the council for the next three terms. This is no small task.

Aside from being able to manage the complex administrative elements of LUCC, leaders must constantly be ready and willing to engage with all members of the community at any time, and about any issue. Much of what LUCC does is unseen by the community, but is absolutely essential to the maintenance of student engagement in the administration of Lawrence University.

I had never even met my Vice President prior to the LUCC Presidential Forum last year, but now, I find it difficult to imagine how I could have done the job without him. Nick Paulson came in as a quality leader, and over the last three terms, I have been astonished to see his ability and growth in decision-making and management.

Nick Paulson is knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of LUCC. Nick knows how to get things done, and who to talk to when it comes time to implement policies and inquire about issues. More important than his understanding of process, Nick is a caring and judicious leader. I have full confidence in Nick to be attentive to the needs of this community, and to broker solutions that consider multiple perspectives.

As we continue to grapple for a stronger sense of community, and as we transition to a new president of Lawrence, we need a leader we can trust to be respectful, responsible, and steadfast. We need a leader we know can represent the student body well, regardless of the demands placed upon him. We need a leader who understands that this role is about all of us as students.

Considering all of those points, I wholeheartedly wish to offer my endorsement of Nick Paulson for LUCC President. Nick stands ready and willing to serve us well.