Letter to the Editor: Endorsement of Carl Byers

Andrew Kraemer
Carl Byers is a man of action. Carl Byers gets the job done. I know that Carl will excel in the position of LUCC President. I have collaborated often with Carl. If I need assistance with a project in any extracurricular group that he is a part of, Carl is always the first person I reach out to. When I work with him I know that he will do a job better, faster, and with more enthusiasm than anyone else. I know that these qualities will translate well for the position that he is running for. In addition, Carl is incredibly personable. The Lawrence student population will find it easy to voice their wants and needs to Carl without being intimidated. In meetings, Carl is calculated. He seeks to understand everyone’s point of view and will commit to an idea once he has examined it thoroughly. He knows how to run an efficient meeting and always asks for feedback on how he can improve his work. Finally, he is wholeheartedly determined to improve LUCC. We will make the functions of the student government more transparent and effective than his competitors. It is for these reasons and many more that I endorse Carl Byers for President of LUCC.