Evan Williams LUCC VP Statement -mts

Maureen Darras

Third term of the 2008-09 academic year, I was given the opportunity to serve as a LUCC representative for Sage after previously interviewing for a cabinet position. Since then, I have served on Finance Committee. I am currently an LUCC Representative for District 2, encompassing Hiett and Ormsby. Although I am a Hiett resident, since there are no elected representatives from Ormsby, I have volunteered for Ormsby Hall Council to ensure the residents of Ormsby are properly represented in LUCC. I also sit on the Trustee’s Committee on Student Affairs and the Trustee’s Committee on Honorary Degrees.
As vice president, I will seek to make LUCC a more open organization, and to ensure that every Lawrentian knows that it is here to serve them. Every year, thousands of dollars roll over from previous activities funds. I believe that every student’s activities fees should work for them.
As we head into the new decade, I will work with the university to set goals in improving our Internet connectivity, such as improving our bandwidth and making Lawrence a “wireless campus,” because I believe no matter where you are on campus, every student should have the access to quality wireless Internet.
I have the experience, passion, and ideas to make LUCC work better for LU. As VP I will make LUCC more open and seek to improve LU Internet.