Andy King LUCC P Statement -mts

Maureen Darras

I believe that I am the strongest candidate for LUCC president. I have been actively involved in LUCC for two years as a district representative. In these two years, I worked with my constituents by bringing issues discussed at General Council meetings back to the district and figuring out what they thought. Based on their reactions I voted in a way that reflected their views. It is essential to be in touch with the student body in this position and be able to work closely with them. I have already laid a strong foundation by being an active representative for two years. I have served both year terms on the Finance Committee, working with my fellow committee members to allocate money to student organizations. In addition, I have worked on the Polling, Elections, and Leadership Committee. Outside of LUCC, I am Co-Captain of the Men’s Soccer team, a member of LUIGI, Mock Trial, SAAC, and a sports writer for the Lawrentian. I have the organizational leadership, and interpersonal skills necessary to lead LUCC. This is not a matter of what I can do for LUCC, but what I can do to make LUCC better for you.