Athlete of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

What has been your biggest personal accomplishment this season? What has been the team’s biggest feat this year so far?
The last meet we had at Oshkosh was my personal best for the season along with the team’s. With the way we are training, each meet becomes our best because we are all improving week by week. Is there a typical race preparation routine that you have? Is there a reason for this routine?
Race preparation for everyone includes a warm up, stretching and strides, which I do. Also, at the start line when there is only a minute or less left, I like to jump up and down. I think I copied that from the fast girls I ran against in high school. It probably looks pretty silly, though.

How did you get started running cross-country? Was there something or someone that influenced you to begin running competitively?
The summer before freshmen year of high school I decided I would try cross-country that upcoming fall. That never happened, though. After the first meeting, I thought practicing everyday would be too much and I didn’t actually join the team until my sophomore year. My dad has been my biggest influence in running. He ran at the University of Chicago and has run many marathons and other races since. When I get nervous before races, he tells me to “just run the race for yourself, don’t worry about other people” and that really is the best advice for anyone, because if it’s not making you happy, why put yourself through that pain.

What is your favorite after-race meal? Why?
After-race meals are usually something not too heavy — I can’t eat a lot after running a hard race, but Jennifer Jacobson’s homemade granola is a great post-race snack!

If you were to listen to music during a race and could listen to one song over and over again, what would it be? Why?
“Soul with a Capital S” by Tower of Power because it has a great groove and makes you move! If it does that, it should make you run faster, too.