LUCC election statements

Maureen Darras

Justin Happ
Do you realize how much power you have as a Lawrence student? As one of the most powerful college student governments, LUCC has jurisdiction over all nonacademic aspects of Lawrence life. We are here to respond to your wants and needs as residents of our community. When LUCC was created, in 1968, its very first agenda item was to discuss opening a bar. The result was the creation of our ever-so-popular Viking Room, which exists to this day and is still going strong. When you, the students, complained about our dining facilities and the lack of a central hangout spot, we responded by giving you a brand-spankin’-new campus center. Or, when some students really wanted an outdoor volleyball net, we made it happen. We have all these things not because Jill Beck said she wants them, but because you, the students, did. How can we make your time at Lawrence better? As president I will bring LUCC directly to you, to find out exactly what you want in college life and to do everything I can to make it happen. If you vote for Justin Happ all of your wildest dreams will come true!
At Lawrence, students have the power. For whatever you want, LUCC is here. If you vote Justin Happ for LUCC president, all of your wildest dreams will come true!Andy King
I believe that I am the strongest candidate for LUCC president. I have been actively involved in LUCC for two years as a district representative. In these two years, I worked with my constituents by bringing issues discussed at General Council meetings back to the district and figuring out what they thought. Based on their reactions I voted in a way that reflected their views. It is essential to be in touch with the student body in this position and be able to work closely with them. I have already laid a strong foundation by being an active representative for two years. I have served both year terms on the Finance Committee, working with my fellow committee members to allocate money to student organizations. In addition, I have worked on the Polling, Elections, and Leadership Committee. Outside of LUCC, I am Co-Captain of the Men’s Soccer team, a member of LUIGI, Mock Trial, SAAC, and a sports writer for the Lawrentian. I have the organizational leadership, and interpersonal skills necessary to lead LUCC. This is not a matter of what I can do for LUCC, but what I can do to make LUCC better for you.