Snyder elected LUCC president -dlh

William Dalsen

Pete Snyder was elected the next president of the Lawrence University Community Council this last week, handedly defeating his opponent, Tim Ruberton. Vice-presidential candidate Christopher Bowman ran unopposed.
Out of the only 351 ballots cast (323 by students, and 28 by faculty members), Snyder won 247 (72 percent) and Ruberton 97 (28 percent). Bowman received 312 votes.
Kora Buettner, who ran unopposed for a LUCC representative position for the Ormsby/Hiett district, will take the place of former LUCC representative Andrew Ritchie, effective immediately. Buettner’s term will last the remainder of the academic year.
The margin of victory for Snyder was a break from last year’s close contest, which was decided by only 31 votes. Bowman’s victory marks the second consecutive election where a vice-president ran unopposed. While exact figures were not available at the time of publication, current LUCC Vice President Tariq Engineer confirmed that this year’s turnout was lower than last year’s.
Three changes to the LUCC constitution were approved in this election. All three changes required the approval of two-thirds of those voting on each amendment. The first change provides that cabinet members must commit to being on campus during the entire academic year, reversing a constitutional change made just two years ago by then-president Cole DeLaney. The DeLaney amendment was designed to give the LUCC president greater flexibility in appointing cabinet members, but after several problems arose with filling the positions, the Council acted to end this practice.
The second and third changes provide that a faculty member, if available, will hold a position on LUCC’s Committee on Committees (COC) and the Finance Committee. The two committees *******– the most powerful in LUCC *******– have traditionally only had student members, and these amendments will lead to a greater involvement of administrators in committee appointments, finance decisions, and other critical functions of LUCC.
Snyder and Bowman will assume their respective offices at the beginning of third term, and hold office until the end of winter term in 2006. Ruberton, currently an LUCC representative from Sage Hall, will retain his position on the Council for the remainder of the academic year. The three constitutional changes approved in the election will become effective immediately following approval by President Beck.