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Reid Stratton

***Mallrats*** (1995)
***Running Time***: 94 min.
***Stars***: Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Shannen Doherty
***Found at***: PlantzThe story begins like so many others: a man loses his girl and spends the rest of the film trying to get her back. Nearly the entire movie takes place in the local mall, a haven for loiterers like our two heroes. Brodie (Lee) and his friend, Jeremy, (London) must evade the mall security guard, a real joke of a store owner, and other cartoonish victims so that both can win back their respective loves. A cameo by comic boom legend Stan Lee raises the stakes for this film.

***Comments***: On the surface, this movie might appear to be just another dumb college movie, but writer and director Kevin Smith is able to successfully compile just about every childhood fantasy-come-true into just 90 minutes. Making out in an elevator, meeting Stan Lee, and giving your girlfriend’s dad a bad case of the runs are just a few examples. What really makes this story move is the unbelievable cast of characters, and the way they each contribute to the story. Even the guy who stares all day at a Magic Eye picture factors into the film at some point. Though “Mallrats” may not be full of the most sophisticated humor, and the music and fashion has become pass, it is a must-see for any college student. ****B+****