Viking Gold to take over-ptg -jcr -dlh

Katharine Enoch

Although we all received that e-mail notifying us of our meal plans for next term, what was not mentioned is that starting spring term, grill credit will now be transferred to Viking Gold.
That means that whatever grill credit money you receive through your meal plan will be placed into a Viking Gold account for your disposal. This seems an easier method, since there really is no difference between how the two systems of grill credit and Viking Gold are used. The only difference will be that any money left over from a term will be carried into the next term.
In the past, grill credit has not carried over into the following term, resulting in a last minute dash for sodas and candy in order to spend any left over money. So don’t be thrown off if you don’t hear that familiar, worn out, “grill credit or Viking Gold?” next term when you are paying for your order of jalapeno poppers.