Incongruent Hockey -jcr -dlh

Alex Weck

Some would call it ironic that the week after his recognition as Division III’s defensive player of the week, goaltender Andrew Isaac gave up 5 goals on 29 shots. Others might call it unfortunate, frustrating, or wonder “where the dickens was the defense?”
Of course, the losses weren’t his fault *******– goalies should never be blamed for losses. Somehow, the Vikings can’t seem to preserve their momentum from week to week. After two huge wins the weekend before, they’re 3-6. These kind of losses to MN-Crookston more closely resemble a sour tennis outing than a weekend on the ice.
The omnipresent problem of penalties appeared again in the game against Crookston. Giving up two short-handed goals and six on the penalty kill made the team yearn for the benevolent presence of even strength, no matter who was in the box.
Alas, another important weekend awaits, with a 7:05 face-off tonight against conference frontrunner MSOE. Dare we hope for a positive slope for this sinusoidal curve of a hockey team?