Artist Spotlight : Carrie Ann Rennolds

Anna Hainze

As an art major with an art history minor, you might at first glance think Carrie Ann Rennolds to be a highly serious academic, one absorbed with the nuances of all things artistic and with no time to reflect on anything else. But mention the word “robots” or the phrase “live bear fights” around her and you may find yourself forcibly engaged in one of the most informative conversations of your Lawrence career.
This robot-loving senior actually boasts many talents and interests outside the sphere of artificial intelligence, including, not so shockingly, art. Though she admits that her interest in art fluctuated throughout her youth, it was not until Rennolds discovered graphic design that she truly found her niche in the artistic world.
“I started taking some art classes about halfway through freshman year and thought it was pretty much all right, but didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with it,” she said.
Luckily for our heroine, graphic design and printmaking became her mainstay here at Lawrence, and thus far they have certainly served her quite well.
Along with her various projects and schemes within the confines of Wriston, Carrie also works with the LU communications department as a graphic-designer in training. Have you ever noticed the attractive layout of the Artist/Jazz Series posters with their carefully selected fonts? Our very own Rennolds designed them.
Important to note and absolutely crucial to Rennolds’ career as a graphic designer is her undying love for fonts, second only to her near-adoration of robots. “Helvetica is my favorite font,” said the aspiring artist. “I like its geometry, especially the square dot on the ‘I’. It’s so … respectable.” Keep that in mind next time you tackle a paper, and remember: Never use Comic Sans and never doubt the possibility that a walrus could wreck a polar bear. Just ask Rennolds.