What do you DO all day – Bob Guzman -jcr -dlh

Emily Passey

Who is Bob Guzman? Bob is a humble, approachable father of two who tells me that he doesn’t really like talking about himself. He still wonders why the *********Lawrentian******** wanted to interview him.
Bob’s “office” is in the basement of Physical Plant. Actually, it is the basement of Physical Plant. Under a ceiling of exposed rafters, electrical work, and pipes, Bob’s desk is an island of papers, including a homemade card with “Dad” on the front. Several mismatched velour chairs sit around the desk along with deliveries to be sorted. A space heater is set up to take the chill from the bare concrete away while we talk.
When Bob started at Lawrence he was a deliveryman. The job had two requirements, a driver’s license and knowledge of Appleton. Ironically, Bob was new to Appleton ***********– having just moved from his hometown of Racine when his new wife was offered a job at a hospital here. He confesses that he studied the phonebook map to get a general idea of where he was going. The reason he took the position at LU was because he saw some long-term security in a university, and, for Bob, it certainly has been long-term. His 18 years at Lawrence have led him to the title he now maintains, after nine years at Physical Plant, a brief stint at the now-extinct “Campus Services,” and a transfer back to Physical Plant.
Bob’s official title evolved to Materials Management Coordinator. He takes care of incoming and outgoing supply deliveries that Lawrence receives, including furniture and custodial necessities. Bob is also in charge of all LU vehicles *********– security and transport ********– and he coordinates set-up for things such as graduation, receptions, and reunions. But this isn’t all.
Bob is a self-declared jack-of-all-trades, never limiting himself when he is capable of offering an extra pair of hands. He helps with campus electrical and carpentry work as well. Bob says that the reason he does these things, besides that he’s a nice guy, is because he enjoys working with his hands and has always had a knack for mechanics. When I remark on his importance, Bob vehemently denies it and reminds me that everything at Physical Plant is codependent; he’s only one part in the system.
Bob has only praise for his job and the Lawrence community. He has employed many students and feels that they really learn something great working for Physical Plant. When his students return for reunions, they seek him out just to say a friendly “hello.” That’s why he comes back every day: people appreciate him. With the many tasks Bob takes on, it’s easy to see how his job varies day-to-day, which he says he likes. Bob tells me that he especially enjoys meeting new people everyday, and maintains that he knows everyone on campus.
So, Lawrentians, next time you reach for a paper towel, reliably refilled, remember, Bob Guzman got that there.