What’s On Your iPod

W: “Leen Back, Let Go,” The Blend
One of the best bands to come out of South Minneapolis. As their name suggests, their music is an interesting combination of jazz and hip hop. Perfect for all those saxophone majors who are longing to be a little bit dangerous.
G: “Combat Baby,” Metric
Well, this is my idea of a dangerous song. I think it1s the best of the album, a great song for marching around campus.
W: “Powdered Water Too (Part 1),” Eyedea & Abilities
To all freshman struggling to get a handle on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, this song is for you. In Eyedea’s singularly bizarre style he raps the Allegory in terms of a cubicle. Use the time you would have spent studying to explore Eyedea1s other work.
G: “Tea for the Tillerman,” Cat Stevens
I have to admit, I first heard this song because it is the theme of the show “Extras”. I’m not a huge Cat Stevens fan but it’s a great song and a great show. I highly recommend both.
W: “Peaces of the Puzzle,” Kanser
The best of the album, this smooth hip hop song is a welcome addition to any playlist. And I think the lead rapper might’ve dated my sister.
G: “Both Hands,” Ani Difranco
A little sappy, a little 90s, a lot Ani Difranco. Love it. I first heard this song in my babysitter’s car on my way to swim lessons when I was seven. At the time I thought it was really creepy but now I get that she didn’t literally mean a bed made of bones and flesh.
W: “Internally Bleeding,” Immortal Technique
A little too violent, and at times hard to listen to, this beautifully tragic story is one of the few songs that really moves me. I can’t do it justice here — just listen to it.
G: “Prince Charming,” Brother Ali
This song was on my iPod for a long time before I listened to it. Then one day I was running and it came on — I had to stop because I was laughing so hard. Not Brother Ali’s best but definitely his funniest.
W: “The Stick Up,” Atmosphere
Though his recent stuff has been rotten, this song reminds us why we all fell in love with Slug in the first place. This absurd satire still makes me laugh out loud but not without a twang of discomfort.
G+W: “Kids Keep Talking,” Badnewsjones
One of the best groups to come out of Lawrence. With any luck they’ll make an appearance this year and remind us of what we’ve all been missing.