Sports trivia

Matt Hoh

1. The Northwestern Wildcats won their fourth consecutive NCAA Lacrosse Championship in 2008.
2. Fresno State won its first ever Division I baseball College World Series in 2008.
3. There are two states in which there are two Big Ten teams.
4. Dartmouth is a French-based school whose name literally means “Our Lady.”
5. The Big Ten Conference has had many names before Big Ten, and one of them was The Grand Midwestern Conference.
1. True. The wildcats defeated the Pennsylvania Quakers with a score of 10-6. The win was sweet revenge as the Wildcats had a record of 21-1 with the only loss to Pennsylvania in the regular season.
2. True. The underdog team beat Georgia 6-1 for the first-ever title. Outfielder Steve Detwiler had the only RBIs in the game by hitting two homeruns.
3. False. There are actually three states that have two big ten schools; Michigan has University of Michigan and Michigan State, Indiana has Indiana University and Purdue and Illinois has Illinois and Northwestern.
4. False. Don’t confuse the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame with its French name, literally meaning “Our Lady.”
5. False. The Grand Midwestern Conference was never a name for the Big Ten. Unofficially it started to be called the Big Ten from 1912-1939.