Chris Bowman Statement -dlh

William Dalsen

My name is Christopher Bowman, and I am running for LUCC vice president, along with presidential candidate Peter Snyder. As I was abroad first term this year, I would like to take this opportunity to outline some goals that I would pursue if elected. First, I would aim to continue Vice President Engineer’s work with making the Budget Process easier to understand by removing more of the red tape surrounding it. Second, I hope to work with Res-Life toward allowing students to paint their rooms, with a security deposit paid in advance. Third, I would like to work to revise the Formal Group Housing regulations in order to discontinue discouraging groups from applying for housing. Through my work as Treasurer of Hall Councils and as the LUCC Finance Secretary, I believe that I am qualified to take over this position, and look forward to seeing you at Sunday’s Candidate’s Forum.