Tim Ruberton Statement -dlh

William Dalsen

There is no greater issue facing campus government today than the severe lack of student involvement that has afflicted LUCC and its committees for the past year. Other issues, such as smoking halo legislation and student privacy (especially regarding e-mail), cannot be addressed when we do not have people ******– conscientious, committed people *******– in position to solve these problems. While our slowed system still leaves us with a higher efficiency rate than, say, the U.S. Congress, we can’t continue in this vein.
As president, I will redouble the efforts I put forward as a member of LUCC’s Committee on Committees to fill all seats on all campus committees, many of which were empty or under-filled at the start of the year, and will work to provide incentives for students who contribute their time to these important groups *****– it’s not fair to ask a major commitment of time and effort while providing in return only a pat on the back and the pride of doing one’s civic duty. I promise to resolve any issue facing the Council in a manner acceptable to all sides when possible, especially with regard to smoking halo rules; when compromise is not possible, I will make it possible. In all cases, I will work tirelessly to advance students’ rights, and I am confident in my ability to adapt to any unforeseen issues that may face my administration. Thank you.