Flutist and breathing expert here Sunday -rws -dlh

Meghan McCallum

This Sunday, January 9, flutist Keith Underwood will grace Lawrence with his presence in a recital at Harper Hall, accompanied by pianist and Lawrence alum Barb Lee.
Underwood is not only a distinguished flute player and teacher, he is also “known nationally, and to some extent internationally, as an expert on breathing,” says flute professor Ernestine Whitman.
He often instructs singers across America and gives workshops at Julliard and other top-notch music schools. According to Whitman, Underwood’s teaching style is connected to the Arnold Jacobs school of breathing. Jacobs, long-time principal tubist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, developed a groundbreaking approach to breathing known around the world as “Song and Wind.”
“[Underwood] has an uncanny ability to watch someone play and figure out where their tension is,” Whitman says. “He can make a real difference right on the spot.”
Underwood graduated from the Yale School of Music in 1976. Lee, in addition to graduating from Lawrence, has a degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. Both Underwood and Lee live in New York.
Sunday’s recital will include works by Bach and Dvorak, and will conclude with a short piece by former Lawrence professor John Harman, a well-known composer.
Nothing puts an end to our first weekend back like a flute recital! Come see Keith Underwood and Barb Lee this Sunday at 4:30 in Harper Hall. Underwood will conduct a breathing master class in Harper Hall at 7:30 p.m.