What’s on Your iPod?

1. “3 Peat ,” Lil Wayne
First track off of “The Carter III,” I hated this song at first but when I began to play it over and over again I realized Weezy is a genius. “Swallow my words taste // taste my thoughts // and if it’s too nasty // spit it back at me.” Poetry. It’s that sizzurp from the south that has Americans mesmerized.2. “Ruff Riders Anthem,” DMX
Who doesn’t know the words to this song? It is an anthem that is necessary on any iPod to get hyphy before an exam. Whenever I hear this song I immediately get my DMX on and bark at people. It’s strictly for brawlers.

3. “Be Easy,” Ghostface Killah
First time I heard this song I thought I had a gun and two grams of crack in my pocket. This song gets rowdy and leaves nothing but bloody ears. Turn it on, close your eyes and picture yourself rollin’.

4. “International Players Anthem,” UGK feat. OutKast
No song gets more syrupy then this track. Two of the south’s greatest groups together. UGK the originators of purple drank and OutKast two of the biggest innovators in the game destroy one of the best instrumentals I’ve ever heard. Anyone can connect with this song. “Ask, ask Paul McCartney…”

5. “Heavenly Divine,” Jedi Mind Tricks
Vinnie Paz eats people. First time I heard this song I was 12 years old and I thought I was so cool. Underground Hip-hop!!! Yea! But, seriously, check this track. It’s a completely underrated group that’s been destroying everything they touch for years.

6. “Oops Oh My,” Tweet feat. Fabulous
This is the most narcissistic song I’ve heard. Tweet basically says that she gets herself off better than anyone else can. And you know what, most people would say the same. She looks at herself in the mirror and there goes her skirt oh my. I love this track.

7. “Here We Go,” Trina feat. Kelley Rowland
This girl is the definition of female empowerment. She’s super hard and straight G’s her man. He cheated on her and she dropped him quicker than a father who gets his DNA test back negative. She’s the queen of Miami and has more men on lock than you could possibly imagine.

8. “Skinny Love,” Bon Iver
Alright there is more to me than just great music. Everyone once in awhile I need to have fun so I put on this song. It is incredible. My roommate played this song for me this year and he is really talented. I’m not from the Midwest but I would certainly say that he is a hidden gem.

9. “Make Love in this Club pt II,” Usher feat. Beyonc****accent e**** and Weezy

As a wise sage once said to me “pop music is like Hershey’s chocolate, not good chocolate but makes me feel good.” Beyonc****accent e***** is so sexy in this song that it makes me upset. J-Hova, you got that. Weezy is really funny and Usher just sweet talks his way into your pants.

10. “We Belong Together,” Mariah Carey
Ok, let’s be real, Mariah is bomb. Turn this song on and let her take you away to some remote virgin island and take your virginity. Nick Cannon isn’t real; it’s only you and her. Beach, champagne, and the sweet nectar of Ms. Carey.