Facebook -dlh

Audrey Hull

What, exactly, is the Lawrence Facebook? According to users, the Facebook offers opportunities to network with and search for friends. The Facebook’s design mimics chance real-life encounters without ever having to meet people face to face.
Unlike the official Facebook, an online directory designed to connect people through social networks at various colleges, the Lawrence Facebook is currently limited to Lawrence students and alumni.
According to sophomore Gaby Szteinberg, the Facebook serves no real purpose because “Lawrence is small enough that you can easily meet people in person.” Szteinberg did concede that searching through the Facebook provided her with distraction from homework. She pointed out that the Lawrence Facebook would be more enjoyable and serve a larger purpose were it connected to the official site.
Senior Rob Ryan noted that the Facebook facilitated his meeting new internet friends, adding that “with the help of the Facebook, I’ve discovered some really cool chat rooms that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”
On a more serious note, Ryan observed that the Facebook would probably be more useful for alums looking to connect with old friends than for current LU students, although he also admitted that spying on people through the Facebook added greatly to his general entertainment.
Annie McCourt, a freshman, stated frankly that the Facebook had not assisted her with making new friends. She mentioned the popular site Downersucks.com, noting that the Facebook seemed like a poor imitation. However, she agreed that connecting to the official Facebook would make it more interesting.
Overall, the general impression was that the Lawrence Facebook in its current stage is basically useless, but it would gain significance were it to be associated with the official site. Since the Facebook is not a legitimate Lawrence site, it remains to be seen whether or not it will be added to the official Facebook.