Parking tickets to be given more aggressively, warn police

Chris Swade

The office of Appleton Mayor Timothy Hanna released a statement this week citing the city’s concern of an apparent disregard of the Appleton ordinance, which restricts overnight parking on all Appleton streets from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., on streets on and around the Lawrence campus. The statement was released in response to complaints from more than one area resident. William J. Siebers, Executive Assistant to the Mayor stated, “it appears that students are parking overnight on the streets.” Siebers also stated that the reason why overnight parking is such a problem is “that it makes it impossible for [the city] to remove leaves from gutters and at times for us to pick up garbage.”

As a result, Appleton police “will become more aggressive in writing parking tickets.” The removal of leaves is especially important right now because most trees have dropped, or are in the process of dropping their leaves.

The city hopes that students can avoid future ten-dollar tickets and problems by finding alternatives to parking on the street. The East Ramp, located by Younkers, is available for use by Lawrence students. This was announced during the Lawrence parking lottery and allows students to park there for a reasonable rate per term, which could be potentially much cheaper than repeated parking tickets.