Appleton’s Oktoberfest: Autumn’s answer to ‘Celebrate!’ festival

Ceilidh Mar

Phred Beattie tries his hand at busking as Andrea Hackbarth and Nick Sario look on during last year’s Octoberfest. (Ariel)

This weekend is Appleton’s Oktoberfest. Students who have never experienced this celebration, be prepared for crowds. Oktoberfest spreads throughout a mile of downtown Appleton, with arts and crafts booths as well as food and drink venders occupying Lawrence’s campus.

The festival began in 1982 as a way to showcase downtown Appleton and promote community businesses. Gradually, the small festival developed and it now includes cooking contests, a car show, arts and crafts, ethnic food stands, and live music and entertainment on stages up and down College Avenue.

Proceeds from the events go toward promoting and improving the Appleton area.

Entertainment will include five stages spread along College Avenue highlighting different musical genres, including rock, country, and blues.

There will also be a roaming barbershop quartet, magicians, mimes, and a Kid’s Carnival Corner with games and carnival rides.

Also a part of Oktoberfest, the License to Cruise classic and collectors’ car show will start the festivities on Friday night from 6:00-10:00 p.m. The show highlights over 400 classic cars and this year’s feature car is the Corvette.

Lawrence students should make sure to carry their keys, as the dorms and buildings will be locked at all times to discourage the public from entering. No alcoholic drinks may be brought onto the Oktoberfest grounds, but they can be purchased with proper I.D. Underage drinking will be strictly prohibited.