LU London Center Announcement

Lawrence Community, The Lawrence University London Centre has long been the most popular choice for Lawrence students choosing off-campus study and we are delighted to announce that, effective 2009-10, students will benefit from improved facilities, staffing, and academic and programming resources, through a new partnership with the Foundation for International Education (FIE), which recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary as an off-campus educational services provider. Led by Associate Dean of the Faculty Nancy Wall, our group has worked since last spring to balance issues of rising operating costs with development of the London program. In partnering with FIE, we believe that we have accomplished that balance, achieving financial stability whilst building on the strengths of the current structure and enhancing the opportunities available to Lawrence students and faculty.
Dean Wall, LULC Director Christine Harris, and Off-Campus Programs Coordinator Laura Zuege have visited the FIE premises on several occasions and have met with a wide array of executives and staff. All three have been very favorably impressed with the quality of facilities and the professionalism and dedication of personnel.
The London faculty team has served Lawrence for many years, and strong relationships have been built with Appleton faculty and departments. Progress has also been made over recent years in upping the acceptance of London courses by specific departments, for major requirements and for GERs. The LULC curriculum has benefited from such stability and initiatives, and all current London Centre courses and faculty will be retained within the new arrangements, maintaining a calendar and course credit structure that melds seamlessly with Lawrence’s systems.
Each fall term the London Centre hosts Visiting Faculty members from Appleton offering two courses presenting their discipline through a “London lens”, and this connection between two Lawrence campuses will continue, respecting a tradition going back to the foundation of the London Centre in 1970. All London Centre courses benefit from the vast cultural resources of the city for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and this will be further developed as we move forward in partnership with FIE. The expertise of their student services resources and facilities management will also free up the LULC Director to devote more time to integrating the London curriculum with Appleton departments and developing independent study and research opportunities for students.
While the re-structured Lawrence London Centre will operate as a “closed” program, retaining its special character, because FIE works with many other institutions, our students will also have the opportunity to meet participants from those other schools during their time as Londoners. Further, Lawrentians will have improved classroom facilities, substantially increased internship opportunities, and access to a Writer-in-Residence. FIE also has a dedicated Student Services team, which produces a lively program of social, cultural and fun activities for all FIE students.
Brechin Place has been held in the affections of former students as the home of the London Centre for more than 12 years, providing office and teaching space and student dorms in the same building. Under the new arrangements with FIE, the academic/office spaces and student housing will be in separate locations, but still in the same familiar “South Ke” neighborhood — the academic building is on Cromwell Road, near the Gloucester Road tube stop, with accommodations close by — a great, safe location with easy access to public transport, museums and central London.
Housing standards will be improved, with separate kitchen and lounge areas, avoiding the need for in-room kitchenettes. Students will live in small cohorts with 24-hour residential and emergency assistance. Monthly travel cards will be provided at no additional cost for all students — an estimated out-of-pocket savings of about $400 per student over a term. Yet with all of these benefits and additions, the cost of the program to students will be about $100 less than within the current structure.
These changes to Lawrence’s off-campus study presence in London make up one more instance in a long line of developments and improvements going back to the beginning of the program in 1970 and are designed to enhance the experience of all involved. Please join us in welcoming them.

Nancy Wall, Associate Dean of the Faculty

Christine Harris, Lecturer in London History and Crime Fiction; LULC Director
Laura Zuege, Off-Campus Programs Coordinator; LULC Hall Director/Program Manager, 2004-2007
Marcia Bjornerud, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies; LULC Visiting Faculty, Fall 2004
James DeCorsey, Associate Professor of Music; LULC Visiting Director 2001-02
Bradford Rence, Professor of Biology; London Centre Visiting Director 2002-03
Claudena Skran, Associate Professor of Government; LULC Visiting Faculty, Fall 2003
Timothy Troy, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; LULC Visiting Faculty, Fall 2006