Debbaut trip uneventful -dlh (extra quote)

Visiting Professor of Orchestral Studies Robert Debbaut’s sixth trip to Prague, curiously, failed to yield any anecdotes.
“Well kids, I’d love to tell you I saw an interesting statue or ran into some compelling person in a caf or learned some new musicological nugget or discovered a new piece, but I pretty much got off the plane, led a few cut-and-dry professional rehearsals, and put on some pretty exciting concerts. Then I went home,” Debbaut told the orchestra upon his return.
The tedium of the trip, however, didn’t deny the maestro his Spring Break Mardi Gras needs entirely.
“I nailed the concert, stepped on a rusty nail afterwards, and got nailed by the cops for not having my subway pass validated. Other than that it was the same old boring trip to Prague. God, am I glad to be back in Appleton.”
He punctuated his story with an emphatic downbeat, as the orchestra played for a while, only to be cut off when Debbaut recalled a dynamite Bruno Walter story mid-movement.