Athlete of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

What was the team’s greatest feat this season?
Our team’s greatest feat this season was definitely starting the tradition of the Kappa and Fye Kicka Balla co-formal. Prom in college is so much better than high school.What is your favorite position to play and why?
This is a tough one for me seeing as I have played every single position on the field. I would have to say my favorite position was goalie. Lindz is lucky they didn’t discover my hidden goalie talent earlier.

How was the team dynamic this year different with the addition of your freshman teammates?
Our freshmen and new sophomores definitely added a lot to the team. We gained a few starters and a lot of interesting stories. They also worked hard every day and really pushed everyone to get better. Even with all of this, they’re obviously not as cool as the graduating seniors, but that’s to be expected. Just kidding!

What has been your best personal accomplishment over the last four years?
My best personal accomplishment was going my entire senior season without a concussion. The headgear must have done its trick.

If you could kick something other than a soccer ball, what would you kick and why?
I would have to kick Rihanna. If I have to hear the word “umbrella” or “disturbia” one more time, I swear …