Aidan Clark

After the departure of Dean Rosenberg last year as he went on to become the president of Macalester, a new Dean of the Faculty has stepped forward. As of August the 1st of 2003, Dean Murray has become the new Dean of the Faculty at Lawrence University.
According to Dean Murray, it was the president’s choice as to who would take over the responsibility. In this transitional moment for the college, it seemed logical to appoint someone from the inside rather than to search outside of the Lawrence community. Dean Murray’s familiarity with the structure of the president’s staff and the fact that she has been at Lawrence since 1986 should make the transition easier.
Further, Dean Murray said that administrators at Lawrence serve at the discretion of the president. However, she went on to say that she is prepared to hold the office for two years, allowing our new president a year to appoint a new Dean of the Faculty.
Although there is no official Dean of the Conservatory, Dean Murray is also a part of the Conservatory office, spending two half-days a week performing duties there. She said that her responsibilities to both the faculty and the conservatory do not conflict, but that it is “a lot to keep track of.”
Helping with the responsibilities in the Dean of the Faculty’s office is Associate Dean of the Faculty, Gerald Seaman. In addition, aiding Dean Murray in the day-to-day work at the Conservatory is the Associate Dean of the Conservatory, Jeffrey Stannard. Dean Murray also said that the Professor of Music, Howard Niblock, is currently helping in the office of the conservatory as well.
According to Dean Murray, the retirement of President Warch and the search for a new president to take his place is an “important time in history” and an exciting moment that she encourages all students at Lawrence to take part in.