LUCC passes housing changes

Jessie Augustyn

LUCC made several changes to the existing housing legislation in the interest of clarity and accuracy and to incorporate changes passed earlier in the year.Students interested in living in substance-free housing in Kohler Hall may now select that preference on housing contracts. Previously, the substance-free housing selection was part of a separate selection. It will now be in the selection with the rest of the housing.

Another significant change was the inclusion of the smoking Halo legislation passed last term by LUCC. The legislation states, “Kohler Hall and Ormsby Hall have a 25-ft. smoke-free perimeter surrounding the hall. Other residence halls will have the opportunity to vote on the smoke-free perimeter option at the beginning of the academic year.”

Recent budget allocations to student organizations were also announced. The YUAI community was given $600 in order to bring a highly regarded ska band to Skappleton. This allocation was granted to the group in addition to their original allocation because the YUAI group was apparently unaware at time of the opportunity to bring the more expensive band to campus. The $600 will supplement $1000 that the YUAI group is providing.

Another new budget allocation was granted to the Lawrence Rowing Club, which was given $2000 to use toward the increased cost of transportation instead of a new boat as originally planned. The Tactical Airsoft Group was given $2098.86 to buy approximately 15 guns and related equipment for their group.

Internal LUCC procedure regarding role call votes was also discussed. The proposed legislation would record and compile all role call votes by LUCC members. This would provide a record of individual member voting record and participation at meetings that would be made available online to all Lawrence community members. The legislation did not pass, but was sent to the steering committee to be reconfigured.

It was also mentioned by Megan Brown that Celebrate! is desperately short of volunteers to work at the festival this weekend and said that anyone who was available and participated would earn fund raising money for their campus organization.

The next meeting will take place Monday, May 19 in at 5 p.m. Riverview.