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The so-called “miracle fruit”– a small red berry which makes all food taste sweet for around an hour — is growing in popularity. Foodies hold “flavor tripping” parties where they hand out the two dollar berries. The hard to come by berries are available through with a minimum order of thirty two dollar berries and thirty dollar overnight shipping fee.
– New York Times OnlineIn recent lab tests, monkeys with tiny sensors in their brains learned how to control a robotic arm, using only their thoughts. This new technology could potentially provide people suffering from paralysis with a useful tool.
– New York Times Online

A new development in the the custody battle for the 460 children who were seized from a polygamist ranch in Texas has added complication to the case. Photos of Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Yearning for Zion Ranch, have been found in which he is kissing two different underage females, both of whom are assumably married to him.