Wireless Internet comes to Lawrence

Beth McHenry

A wireless Internet connection is now available to students on the first floor of the Seeley G. Mudd Library and in the Science Hall atrium. According to Dana Rose-Schmalz of Computer Services, her department has received positive feedback so far, and students should look for availability in other campus buildings soon.
Because wireless connections in the library and Science Hall have been successful so far, Computer Services approached the Student Welfare Committee two weeks ago to plan the next possible wireless connection area on campus. Rose-Schmalz says that they have no idea where that will be, adding, “We don’t want to make the final decision. We want it to be a student issue.”
Although wireless Internet is currently only available to Lawrence students, Computer Services hopes to expand the service to faculty and staff soon.
From an administrative standpoint, setting up a wireless connection is a very intensive process. It involves additional hardware, software, and security precautions necessary to ensure that only authenticated Lawrence users may use the connection.
While implementation may be a complicated process for Computer Services, the same is not true for student users. Rose-Schmalz says that setting up the wireless connection is user-friendly and can take as little as 3-4 minutes. She adds that students may find that wireless Internet is usually also accessible from the second floor of the library.
Students can find easy instructions for connecting to wireless Internet at the Computer Services website or in pamphlet form at the information desk in the library.